Discovering the Fourier Transform

11 Apr 2024


In my adventures with fluid simulation, I came across something called the Fourier transform, a powerful algorithm used throughout many fields of science. Having no idea how it worked I took a step back. In this article, I will explain the realizations that have helped me understand the Fourier transform, and we’ll use it to create a drawing program!


My Adventures in Fluid Simulation

31 Mar 2024

Visual of Waves

I’ve been interested for some time in the processes that can be used to visually simulate fluids for some time now. In this post, I hope to explore my struggles and success during my journey into the large and complex world of fluid simulation.


Creating a Word Themed Game

03 Jun 2023

Recently, I took part in my state’s FBLA competition, in the game design category. This year’s theme was to make a word inspired game. While my experience in game developmentis limited, I managed to use my programming skills to create what I think, is a fun andchallenging word puzzle game, similar to the likes of Wordle.